Leskovec 23
1294 Višnja Gora, Slovenia

Jože: +386 41-806-435
Ani: +386 31-296-243
Jože junior: +386 31-283-626

Escape the everyday rush and stress for a while and indulge in our relaxation and care programme for yourself and your horse. Join us amidst peaceful nature only 15 minutes from Ljubljana, where our farm offers divine relaxation for you and care for your horse.

Our rental of horse boxes includes complete care, training, saddle room and horse box size adapted to your wishes. Each horse has its own box and an ID plate. To ensure maximum comfort, there is a bathroom for riders and an independent locker is assigned to all riders. For a care-free holiday, we also provide transport of horses on a horse trailer (designed for two horses).

Ensure your pleasure and indulgence, and leave the rest to us.

Leskovec 23, 1294 Višnja Gora, Slovenia, Jože: + 386 41-806-435, Ani: + 386 31-296-243,,