Leskovec 23
1294 Višnja Gora, Slovenija

Jože: +386 41-806-435
Ani: +386 31-296-243
Jože junior: +386 31-283-626

Summer Cottage
All of us have - at some time or another - dreamt of spending a holiday in a mountain village, away from everyday worries and with the possibility of numerous activities through all seasons. In Višnja Gora, in the mountain village of Leskovec, we offer you your dream holiday in the heart of nature through vacation house rental. The house is located 5 km from the motorway, at an altitude of 700 m, and can be accessed via an asphalt forest road.

The vacation house is placed 100 m above the village, amidst nature, it is built of brick and equipped with water, electricity and central heating. Over a surface area of 100 m², you can find the kitchen, living room with a supplementary bed and bathroom in the ground floor, and two double bedrooms in the first floor. The entire available bedding accommodates up to 7 people. The house is used by one tenant or group at a time.

Leskovec 23, 1294 Višnja Gora, Slovenia, Jože: + 386 41-806-435, Ani: + 386 31-296-243,,