Leskovec 23
1294 Višnja Gora, Slovenia

Jože: +386 41-806-435
Ani: +386 31-296-243
Jože junior: +386 31-283-626

Forests and meadows are intertwined with routes and paths suitable for cyclists and strollers. This is the route of the European E6 walking path. You can also find a lonely spot to indulge in yoga or you may choose to strengthen your body and soul with Nordic walking. Strolling along the picturesque landscape, surrounded by fields, wide meadows and pastures, you may come across a real Alpine flower.

A carriage ride, which combines history with cultural heritage, is also a unique and interesting experience.

If you desire a truly vibrant vacation, there are other tourist farmhouses nearby, where you will get a chance to appreciate domestic animals, or you might want to make use of the swimming pool, or the ski slope in the winter, see the Stična Monastery or the Krka spring, which is bound to charm you with its beauty and pristine nature.
Leskovec 23, 1294 Višnja Gora, Slovenia, Jože: + 386 41-806-435, Ani: + 386 31-296-243,,