Leskovec 23
1294 Višnja Gora, Slovenia

Jože: +386 41-806-435
Ani: +386 31-296-243
Jože junior: +386 31-283-626

A holiday at our farm is unforgettable for all nature lovers. Our horse rental offer allows you to ride to the nearby Kosce waterfalls and the waterfall spring of the river Višnjica; or wander off to the Leskovška planota plateau; explore the nearby Kuclja and Gradišče hills or other inviting natural sites.

Our rental of horse boxes includes complete care, training, saddle room and horse box size adapted to your wishes.

For a pleasant rest amidst nature, away from the noise and fast-paced life, we rent out a picnic area

All of us have - at some time or another - dreamt of spending a holiday in a mountain village

Leskovec 23, 1294 Višnja Gora, Slovenia, Jože: + 386 41-806-435, Ani: + 386 31-296-243,,